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How Google Reviews Have An Edge OverYelp


Google vs. Yelp:
It’s not a surprising fact that some online review websites got an edge over others. When we talk about most famous review website for the restaurant, one name that tingles in our minds is ‘Yelp’. It is believed that Yelp will be overtaken by Google in the coming years.
Why Google has an edge over Yelp?
To understand the concept, read every aspect of the blog that will help you to understand why

Why My Google Reviews Are Not Showing


Google reviews:
When you receive a new review on Google, you get so much excited. It is a fact that reviews are the main reasons behind local SEO and more clicks. Google demands real Google reviews from real people. Google always delete those reviews that contain URLs or phone number. The frustrating aspect of the system is getting a notification from the system indicating that one of your customers has clicked on the Google link. Given our top 4 reasons why you may not see a review on Google:
The review is not written:

How To Get More Google Reviews


The most common question these days is ‘How to generate more Google reviews for my business?’ It is a fact that organic online reviews contribute a lot towards your online visibility and also help you in increasing conversations.
Let’s take an example, before buying new clothes I’m sure you take the advice of your elders. Why? Because you trust th ...

9 Lakh Indian Online Shoppers Email Database



Get this database of 9 lakh Indian online shoppers. This databse contains Email IDs, Names, transaction amount,  their mode of payment and status of their orders etc. So download this database free of cost and use it to boost your business.

Features of this Database:
->9 lakh consumers who buy services or products from online service providing companies.
->Names & Email addresses of these consumers.
Transaction Amount, Payment mode and status of their orders
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

TOP 5000 Indian Corporate Companies Database


TOP 5000 Indian Corporate Companies Database
Get this database of Top 5000 Indian Corporate companies. Download it directly from the link given at the end of post.

Features of this Database:
->Top Indian Companies (Like TATA, TATA Tea, Hindustan Uniliver, Hindustan Aeronautics, State Bank of India, Mahindra, Reliance etc.)
->Names & Email addresses of these companies
->Names of Key Persons (Like Chairman, MD) in these companies
->Their Address and in what Service or Product they dean in.