Lighting Fire by Leslie North &40Californian Wildfire Fighters 1&41

Lighting Fire by Leslie North (Californian Wildfire Fighters #1)

Lighting Fire by Leslie North (Californian Wildfire Fighters #1)

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Review: Sookie Logan is keen on a certain something and Chase Kingston isn't it. A furiously free helicopter pilot for the National Guard, Sookie is back in the place where she grew up to fly her copter and help battle a fire, not to connect with some lesser firefighter from Alaska. Particularly when this specific firefighter works for her sibling, the one individual on the planet who's given her a chance to down the most. The hunk in yellow and tan is forbidden. 

Be that as it may, when a date proposed to simply make her sibling's head spin with rage transforms into significantly more, Sookie and Chase yield to their furious fascination. Both concur it's a brisk excursion—something that will keep going just as long as it brings to thump down the flares debilitating her town. Deserting Chase will be as simple as abandoning the place where she grew up was the first run through. No connections. 

No regrets.Chase wasn't searching for a connect and certainly not with his supervisor's younger sibling. Furthermore, Chase isn't going to succumb to Sookie. Their "relationship" is about the immense sex, much thanks—he's been singed previously and there's no way of a rehash. No chance. Not regardless of whether Sookie is beginning to get under his skin and he can't get that little sparkler of his head. 

Exactly when Chase is starting to trust they may have something genuine, the evil spirits he's been battling for a considerable length of time return with a retaliation, making a future between the two as unusual as the fire they're battling. As the fire seethes on, will Sookie and Chase soak their own fire? Or on the other hand acknowledge they're intended to confront any inferno together?

BOOK Name: Lighting Fire

BOOK AUTHOR: Leslie North

BOOK CATEGORY: Fiction > Romance  

LANGUAGE: English (United States of America)

CHARACTERS:Sookie Logan,Chase Kingston 



PUBLISHED: August 16th 2018

DOWNLOAD FOR: Computer & Phone


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Book Reader Review: She's playing with the enormous young men and decided she won't get scorched. Give the firecrackers a chance to start. Leslie North is back with a scorcher of a read. Lighting Fire shoots off sparkles every step of the way. Pursue and Sookie could be every others paradise, in the event that they can endure the damnation traveled their direction. Sookie is a lady with an incredible may qualities, yet Chase could be her destruction in more ways then one. Fire commendable perusing.

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Lighting Fire by Leslie North (Californian Wildfire Fighters #1)



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