A Comparison Between Yelp Facebook & GoogleReviews

Importance of reviews:
About 92% of users depend upon the online reviews before they make their final decision. Just creating a good website is not enough; you also need to look at other customer’s experience. When we talk about website reviews 3 websites come into our minds.

  1. Google
  2. Yelp
  3. Facebook

We will discuss these websites one by one.
1. Google:
We will first start our discussion with Google reviews. Google listings are always changing that’s why it is said that you need to claim your own listing. By claiming your Google Business listings you will definitely get a boost in your Google search rankings.
It takes few minutes to verify your business. A lot of consumers starts their search for local products on Google. We have seen that already most people are using Google Maps and Search on the go. That’s why having a verified Google Business listing will help your store capture purchases from those consumers who forget to pack their shoes.
Google search results focus on local results and reviews that will enable you to get noticed. Strong reviews for a local running store have allowed them to win the top spot in search results over big box retailers.

2. Yelp:
Most of the time you have looked for restaurant using Yelp Reviews. Most people believe that shopping is more popular on Yelp than restaurants. If you got 100 million unique users per month, you can easily claim your free listing.
Who searches on Yelp? Only those people use Yelp that are much serious in making a purchase. For example, if a user wants to see a unique boutique store they will see a specific line or product. Yelp also offers several paid products that will help you to drive foot traffic to your store.

3. Facebook:
Facebook has got the biggest user base counting in billions. There are likely to be people in your local market who took Facebook to learn more about your store. Facebook reviews are very important as fans of your business are likely to share their experiences about their stores.
Who will look for you on Facebook? Those people will be looking for you on Facebook that shop for specialty products. If you are doing a business of wedding clothes and accessories then Facebook is the best place for you.
To encourage customer for reviews, claiming your business is probably the first step. From there onwards, it may be valuable to establish more extensive Facebook strategy for your business.

Important note:
As more business stores have diverse customer base then it will be better to claim your free business listings on all the three given platforms. It is true that reviews help local retailers. If you want a quick online review for your business, we will suggest you to ask users to review you on Google page.
Bottom line:
With all the comparisons explained, it is true that Google has got an edge over Yelp and Facebook. If you believe Google reviews are thing of the past, then you are on the wrong side. Billions of people use Google products on daily basis like Google Maps, Google search and Google Plus etc.



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