How To Get More Google Reviews

The most common question these days is ‘How to generate more Google reviews for my business?’ It is a fact that organic online reviews contribute a lot towards your online visibility and also help you in increasing conversations.
Let’s take an example, before buying new clothes I’m sure you take the advice of your elders. Why? Because you trust the reviews and opinions of others- Online reviews build a trust. Now look at the latest research:
·         About 40% of users read 1 to 3 Google reviews (2014).
·         About 26% users believe that a local business should respond to its reviews.
·         88% users believe in online reviews (2014).
·         23% users order the certain product/service just after reading the positive reviews.
·         95% users believe fake reviews when they don’t find any single bad review.
*If you own a small or medium business, then you need to focus on review generation.

Websites that got affected by reviews:

There are different websites that got affected by the Google reviews. The list is mentioned below, please have a look!
·         Yelp
·         Google My Business
·         Tripadvisor
·         Better Business Bureau
·         Yellow Pages

Have you generated your Google Review link?

It’s very important to generate your Google My Business review link. If you don’t know from where to start the process, follow the guideline.

Google Places API:

·         First of all enter your business name in ‘enter a location’ tab.
·         Now click your business name in the appeared list.
·         You will see a Place ID on the map, beneath your business name.
·         By clicking the above link you will be then redirected to Google search result page with the review window popup.

Get more Google reviews:

After generating Google review link, now understand how you can get Google reviews:

Asking users for review:

Asking fir reviews must be communicated to all departments within your business.

Educate users:

You can simply write a blog, create a video on your website with instructions on how to leave a Google review. You need to post all instructions for leaving a review, remind your customers when they call on the phone. No matter what point they reach, they are being kindly asked to provide feedback in the form of a review.

Offer users incentive:

You can offer a discount or a coupon for a review; keep the bad reviews, as well as they, will keep your profile unbiased.

Responding to reviews:

When a user sees that the owner is responding to all the reviews on Google, they will want to share his feedback as he believes that there is someone who is actually reading all of his reviews.

Final words:

Getting new reviews for your business must be a simple process. Try to remind your customers for Google reviews, if you follow all the mentioned steps then there’s no doubt that you can’t attain the status of highly ranked Google My Business page.




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